Course Request

How do I register for classes? What is "Course Request"?

Course Request is the one-week period each semester during which you are permitted to request courses for the next term. Please note that you request courses only during this period. For this semester's Course Request dates, please visit the Drop/Add and Course Request Dates for the current semester.

You register for classes online, via Hokie SPA. During Course Request, use the Course Request link. You will need to know the CRN for each class you wish to take, as this is the information you plug in to enroll in a course.

How does Course Request work?

When you participate in Course Request, you join every other student at the university who has also chosen to request courses. Once the Course Request period ends, requests are processed in this order: senior honors, senior, junior honors, junior, and so on. So it doesn't matter if you are the FIRST person to use Course Request -- or the last! Preference is based on class rank, not on timing.

How soon will I find out which courses I got?

It will take about 3 weeks to get your Course Request results returned, so plan to be patient.

How can I find out which courses are offered by Construction Engineering and Management each semester?

The online Course Timetable will give you the basic info about a course: its numbers, its CRN, the teacher's name, and the times and places of meetings. You can also click on the course number link to get a basic catalog description of the course.

How do I know which courses to take when?

This is where your advisor and your checksheet come in very, very handy! Used faithfully and in combination, they should be able to help you stay on track and know ahead of time what to take when.

I'm the world's worst procrastinator, and although I meant to register during Course Request, I let it slide. What are my options?

You'll always get a second chance during the Drop/Add period, which begins toward the end of the semester, but if you miss the Course Request period, then you seriously affect your chances of getting the courses you not only want but need. You can also attempt to force-add the course through the department offering the course, but this isn't a guarantee.

Well, I followed your advise about submitting a course request, but I still didn't get all the courses I need! What can I do now?

Remember that Course Request is always followed by Drop/Add, during which someone might drop the course you want, leaving a space for you. So be prepared to diligently check the Course Timetable. You can also use Course Pickle which notifies you if a space in the course you need/want opens up. You can also attempt to force-add the course through the department offering the course, but this isn't a guarantee.