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Welcome to Construction Engineering and Management at Virginia Tech

Thank you for your interest in Construction Engineering and Management at Virginia Tech. This page is designed to tell you more about the major and what it has to offer you. There are additional links on the right.

Construction Engineering + Management = CEM

A successful career in construction is always built on strong relationships. It’s about blending your love of math and science together with your love of people and interaction. It’s about working in the office and in the field while you design, plan, and build the world around you. It’s just as much about dress shoes as it is about work boots. CEM graduates don't usually carry hammers. We carry tablet computers. 

Is there demand for CEM graduates?

CEM graduates support a wide range of operations within the construction industry. The construction industry builds commercial, residential, industrial and civil infrastructure in every country across the globe. If you live or work in it, drive or land on it, the construction industry built it. If you bought it, the construction industry built the facility where it was manufactured. While we can't ever predict current job markets, we're confident that our graduates will always be in demand. 

See the US Bureau of Labor Statistics' report on the construction industry 

Where do CEM graduates work?

Careers in construction can take you around the world or allow you to work in your hometown. You can work for a global company designing, planning and building landmark structures on famous streets or you can start a non-profit and build homes for families in need. Many of our CEM gradautes stay in Virginia. Others travel the world. With a CEM degree, you'll have a lot of career options within the construction industry. 

What are current students saying about the program?

Here is what some of our Spring 2020 graduates said about the CEM major during their final semester:

"Looking back at my time at VT, the CEM program definitely stands out; it is a truly great program with great faculty and staff to support you and help you grow from the day you declare the major until the day you graduate from VT. It has prepared me for the real world better than I couldhave ever imagined and I am so thankful for that. The relationships you form in the program will without a doubt carry on and help you network
as you grow in the industry." 

"Having a construction background is incredibly valuable, even if you want to do design in the future. All freshman engineering students should seriously consider the CEM program since there are very few like it in the country and that uniqueness is in high demand in the industry."

"Talking with ambassadors and advisers is one of the best things I did. It helped me feel more comfortable with my decision. Everyone is super nice and always willing to help and do not just talk the talk."

You can also watch videos from CEM majors to hear about their experiences in the program:

If you would like to hear from current students, please visit the profiles of our CEM Ambassadors and feel free to contact them with any questions that you might have. 

You can also watch the video from our Fall 2020 Major Information Session. The recording starts a few minutes into the presentation.

What do Alumni have to say about the program?

You can watch videos with two of our alumni to hear about their current positions, their experience in the program, and what they look for as current recruiters:

You can also view the Day in the Life of a CEM Graduate brochure to see what some of our recent graduates are doing with their degree. 

What does the industry have to say?

The industry tells us that they need more students than we are able to provide. We are growing our program to better meet the demand. Below are links to media coverage of the 2017 Myers-Lawson School of Construction Career Fair which include interviews with industry representatives, students, and the MLSoC Director. 

What are classes like?

Hear from our current faculty members and students about CEM courses and research opportunities:

You can see what our smart construction professors are working on in the ARCADE Lab and the Smart-Systems Lab.

Would you like to visit campus to learn more about CEM?

Please contact the Program Chair, Ashley Johnson at to schedule an individual appointment to learn more about CEM. 

We also recommend that you attend the virtual College of Engineering Information Session.

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